Personalized fitness plans for your body & your goals.
Individual Training

Imagine a world where you spend less time at the gym while getting closer to your goals then you’ve ever been. At Move Strong Training, one on one personal training is highly specialized and designed to maximize your time in the gym, helping you reach your goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Group Training

Have a friend or two that has similar fitness goals? We find that small group trianing with two or three people can be an effective and economic way to get many of the benefits of one on one training. When your friends are counting on you to show up and work hard to reach similar goals, it can add a whole new level of accountability and encouragement.


Functional Movement Screening

Designed to find and improve your weakness from the start so you can get stronger faster without risking injury.

Strength Training

At Move Strong Training, we prioritize full body functional strength training that scorches calories while it teaches you to move efficiently and athletically.

Cardio Conditioning

Let us introduce you to interval training and teach you how to get the most out of your cardio in the least amount of time.

Nutrition Counseling

We’ll guide you through the often confusing world of nutrition and teach you how to find the foods that make you feel your best.

Client Reviews

Our clients say it best.

“When you figure out what truly motivates and inspires you, exercise becomes something to help you get there, rather than a chore, and weight loss comes naturally.”

About Us

Move Strong Training by Rachel Randall

At Move Strong Training, we believe fitness should be functional for your life, which means learning to move better while building muscle and losing fat. We are passionate about learning new ways to help the body move the way it was born to move and we hope to teach all of our clients that their bodies are capable of so much more than they ever realized.

When you work with Move Strong Training, the emphasis will always be on you. We’ll design an individual program that’s tailored to your goals and your body. So whether you want to run a marathon, summit a mountain, or simply have the energy to play with your kids, let us teach you how to move strong.


Rachel Randall – founder of Move Strong Training – is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She has taught classes in kickboxing and weightlifting, and has a black belt in Tae Kwon do. She is also certified in injury prevention and correction through NASM CES and FMS.

Rachel first got serious about fitness when she started rock climbing in 2007 – the first sport that really inspired her to become stronger and move better. It transformed the way she viewed her body and what it was capable of. Now Rachel uses that passion to help others find what inspires them to become faster, stronger, healthier and happier in their own skin.

Whatever your fitness goals, Rachel will help you get there safely and efficiently. You might just find a new appreciation for your body and all that it can do!

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